Reasons Why Codeigniter Framework is Better than Custom PHP Development

Maybe the title and focal point of this article ought not be explicit for just Codeigniter, As any PHP system has its own highlights and advantages against custom PHP advancement. Be that as it may, I picked Codeigniter as a result of its simple arrangement and adaptability of going into very profundity of improvement.

I have been working in this system since 2008, So I have truly valid justifications base on my involvement in this structure why utilizing hire codeigniter developers is significantly superior to going to crude PHP or custom improvement.

Codeigniter is a ground-breaking PHP structure with broad rundown of libraries and aides. On 99Points we have composed hardly any articles identified with codeigniter advancement which were valued by perusers and we contemplated this system.

All set and Almost Zero Configuration

In the event that you are going to begin another task with custom PHP, at that point you clearly need to set and gather couple of records to get this beginning. You should need to fabricate database and other design documents. For the most part, designers need to compose everything without any preparation. In Custom improvement, we will see database questions and other php capacities being utilized straightforwardly into part of records. Following are not many documents we need in custom advancement.

Custom PHP

– connection.php

– config.php

– Database.Class.php

– login.php

– logout.php


In Codeigniter we dont need to stress over such classes and setups. We will just need to download most recent variant from that point site and in the wake of unfastening and setting up scarcely any things you are all set. The entire zip accompanies 3 organizers as a rule,

– application

– framework

– user_guide

The framework/envelope contains all libraries and classes which we can include and use in our application. We dont need to do anything with framework envelope since all our work will go to application organizer. The application envelope is a lot of organizers and every envelope name characterizes the motivation behind its creation.

These two records are expected to arrangement in Codeigniter.

– application/config/config.php record with a content tool and set your base URL.

– application/config/database.php If you expect to utilize a database at that point set your database settings.

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