Land Surveying During the Great Depression

 All The Land Has Already Been Surveyed; It Is Just A Matter of Locating the Survey.

Although you may be able to locate old maps made for tax purposes, in many cases the land you have may have not been researched. Additionally, should you locate a former survey from decades ago, there is no guarantee it was accurate at the moment, nor does it necessarily help resolve your dilemma or assist you in identifying the true property lines on the floor.

I Don’t Need A Second Survey In The Event The Land Was Surveyed In The Past

Land surveying is an art, not an specific tree surveying. It is possible for two surveyors to obtain unique results. Also, because the measurements are made based on the evidence discovered, two surveyors working at several points in time may not have the identical evidence available. The new surveyor will have the benefit of the monuments set by the previous surveyor, if they are still in life, in addition to any documents documented after the former poll. If the last survey’s results are being contested, it can be worth it to have another survey completed.

Using A Survey Done Is Too Pricey

Actually, not using a survey done when you really need one can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, down the road, particularly in the event that you construct a structure that encroaches on a neighbor’s land. This specialist service is well worth the price.

Telephone Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc.. And possess your property surveyed before installing a fence or other structure that may impact the property .

Real-time construction staking, like real time surveying, may be a far better procedure than using other methods if it is done by a professional land surveyor. Having to process data from a poll conducted with older technology can take up valuable time and resources that don’t have to be properly used anymore.

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