Sunday is classic day, Blue Nation! At 16h, Cabuloso enters the field to face Atletico-MG in Mineirão, a commitment valid for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship.And if yourself are 1 of these thousands of campaigners who have already secured a match, you can take free tickets to take children to the stadium.

This is possible thanks to the Cruzeiro Law 10.942 / 2016, which allocates 1% of the Pampulha Gigante ticket load to small children under 12 years. For the Blue Nation, these tickets will be available for redemption this Saturday, November 9, from 10h to 17h, at the Barro Preto Gymnasium box office (Rua Ouro Preto, s / n – in front of the Forum).

Note that these documents order not stand ready toward the day of the duel.


The Member Tradition Cruise, Gold Cruise, Silver Cruise or Bronze Cruise, who already has secured access to Mineirão, should withdraw the free membership after having secured their presence in the stadium.

Already Cruzeiro Semper or Cruzeiro Eterno will have to purchase your ticket with discounts of each category before redeeming the entry for free. These categories will only be able to withdraw the ticket for the child if they have also guaranteed their access to the stadium.

Non-5 Star Member can redeem a free ticket for the sectors with tickets available for general sale, provided they also purchase a ticket to the same location.

Other rules:

– In order to be entitled, the benefit must be duly evidenced upon ticket withdrawal and upon access to Mineirão. Valid documents such as ID or birth certificate must be presented.

– The ticket is nominal, personal and non-transferable. Presence of parents or legal guardians is required.

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