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Higher batch control and consistency. maintaining a constant temperature gives the popcorn a greater regular and predictable look and flavor, and it gives you the potential to apply extra flavorings, along with GlazePop®.

Popcorn Machine Buying Guide

The popcorn gadget kettle length refers back to the Popcornmaschine kaufen wide variety of one-ounce popped popcorn servings the kettle will produce in one popping cycle (which takes about 3-4 minutes). for instance, a four oz. popcorn system will produce enough popcorn in a single cycle to fill four one-ounce popcorn servings. four oz. of popped popcorn is kind of equal to a microwaveable bag of popped popcorn.

A one-ounce serving is a bag approximately three” extensive with the aid of 2″ deep by way of 8″ tall. The first-rate manner to decide the scale of machine you’ll want is to discern out what number of one-ounce servings you may want throughout your busiest hour.

As an example: in case you are going to serve one hundred people for your busiest hour, we’d recommend the 6 ounces. popcorn gadget.

Small volume four Oz

4 oz.. popcorn gadget poppers are ideal for use in houses, home theaters, small wreck rooms, rec rooms, and game rooms.

Medium volume 6 oz.. and eight oz.. popcorn machines

6 oz.. and 8 oz. popcorn system poppers are perfect for use in social golf equipment, video shops, larger wreck areas, restaurants, small bars, country clubs, and ready rooms.

Huge quantity 12 ounces

12 ounces. popcorn machine poppers are ideal to be used in massive colleges, zoos, midways, concession stands, and snack bars.

Industrial extent- sixteen oz. popcorn machines

16 oz. popcorn device poppers are perfect to be used in theaters, conference facilities, entertainment parks, arenas, stadiums, department stores, and ball parks.

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