BoosterLab: Percussion Massage Gun For Muscle Recovery

Whilst you do turn it on, it does routinely visit level one, which in phrases of percussions according to minute is 1,six hundred, level  is two,two hundred, after which degree 3 is three,000. In terms of ways that aligns with different guns available on the market, it’s at the higher stop at a maximum percussions in line with minute.

The G2 pro and the G3 pro from TheraGun each max out at 2,400. The TimTam model 1.5 strength massager maxes out at one variable velocity, or one speed, that is 2,500. Their new version two of the strength massager is three,000. It does have three variable speeds as nicely, it maxes out at 3,000. The Hypervolt, from Hyperice is the highest available on the market at 3,two hundred percussions in step with

Depending on what you’re searching out, to procure a pair one-of-a-kind settings with this one. if you need that definitely high cease excessive percussions in line with minute, you could get that with this gun. Now the next component I’m going to do, I’m going to turn it on.

The one aspect that’s quite outstanding approximately this in comparison to other rub down weapons available on the market is how quiet it’s miles. It does promote it that it runs at 76 decibels.

Whilst you compare that to the alternative weapons on the market, if you’re going to do it DIY and take a work saw and convert it into a rubdown gun, the decibels on that is going to be around one zero five.

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