Bit max is a type of crypto currency trading service such as limit prices, markets, stop-limits and stop-loss market orders, but what sets it apart is the “innovation” that other crypto exchanges typically do not offer.

As of April 1, it was only the 46th exchange ranked on CoinMarketCap in terms of adjusted trading volume, but if “transaction mining” is considered, BitMax is the first exchange on the website. This “transaction mining” is one of many features that set BitMax apart.

You can find out directly what the founder thinks of Bitmax in the following interview:


This types of platform allows the user to exchange bitmax currency to each other by easy method. These unique features include:

  • Transaction mining
  • Back mining
  • Data reward distribution
  • Point card
  • Bitbo
  • Recommended reward


BTMX token:

BitMax’s native token is BTMX, which is designed as a major component of its trading platform. It is an ERC-20 standard token, a unit of exchange and payment between utility tokens or platform fees and BitMax users.

The token cap is 10 billion, of which 49% of the tokens have been pre-allocated and 51% of the total tokens have been allocated to user incentives. BTMX tokens were originally issued and sold by “Distributors”, which are managed by the BitMax Foundation.


Trading System:

BTMX tokens are the way BitMax is able to construct its different “transaction modes”. By using or holding BTMX tokens, users can receive special rewards or discounts when trading.

Different trading modes are regular trading, transaction mining and back mining. In essence, these different models determine the fees or rewards that users pay when executing transactions.


What you charge depends not only on the method you choose, but also on your position in the market: manufacturer or receiver. Fundamentally, the difference between market makers and recipients is timing.

The recipient is the user who placed the order immediately before placing it.

The banker means that the order placed by the user cannot be filled immediately, but sits on the order book and waits for a match.



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